Monday, March 29, 2010


From the project we have discovered, there are some finding and conclusion for each research question. First, our finding in "Who are the perpetrators of baby dumping". first perpetrators is herself(who throw the baby), second perpetrators is boyfriend and stranger and lastly the guilty are not only man and women who create the baby but all those who knows what's going on but just keep silence. come on, in 9 month that the mother carrying the baby surely everyone knows what going on, especially after the baby suddenly disappear after birth.

Second finding is "what are the causes of baby dumping. There are many causes of baby dumping find from our research objective and question. That causes include lack of moral or religious knowledge, individual (refer to their emotions) lack of info on sex education, society, decline values of family institution, and other causes such as poverty and political conditions.

Third finding is "what are the effect of baby dumping" there are four effects of baby dumping. That is effects on individuals (herself), the baby, family and society. That statement related to the Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil comment for this issues said “If we are not careful, this can lead to a breakdown in society and the family unit and values.” That’s means that issue (baby dumping) not only give effect to the baby but the whole unit.

Next finding is solution to the problem of baby dumping. From our project, we find a lot of solution to this problem. First solution by parents, second solution is sex education at school by teacher, third solution is by government, next by society and then by mass media and NGO (Non-Governmental Organization such as campaign).

In conclusion, baby dumping is becoming a common problem in the country and this problem will never end without a solution. We don’t want more babies dying.
So everybody, including individual, society and government must stand together to prevent this problem.